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[Dyer Mention] The power of positive self-help books

chris knight

19-03-2005 07:32:02

The power of positive self-help books
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Here's an excerpt
I finally read the book last week while trapped in a plane that was waiting to be de-iced, on a flight between Minneapolis and Salt Lake City. By the time I arrived in God's country, my head was reeling. Dyer's ideas -- a non-theistic New Age rehash of the power of positive thinking and the golden rule -- were hardly groundbreaking. I'd heard them all before. Everybody knows the key to happiness is goodness and patience and that living a selfish, ego-driven life is the quickest route to misery and disappointment, right? But, even though Dyer's ideas weren't new, they were, in a sense, new to me at that moment. I got off the plane filled with hope.

This is the power of self-help books They remind us of what we already know to be true but are too embarrassed, self-conscious or angry to admit. Whether it's a killer on a rampage, a woman in a lousy relationship or a stressed-out writer sitting on a delayed flight -- the right self-help book in the right place at the right time can lead to remarkable change.

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I like her irreverent style.

What did you think of her article?


19-03-2005 21:08:38

Thank you Chris for this! I'm sure I will find it useful! )