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Wayne Dyer Mentioned on Mid Life Crisis & 4 Levels

chris knight

08-03-2005 11:08:13

I thought this article was interesting as it mentions the four stages of adult development

Here is an excerpt
Midlife crisis
In Wayne Dyer's book, Manifest Your Destiny, he writes about the four stages of adult male development the Athlete, Warrior, Statesperson and Spirit. On reflection I think most men will identify with these stages, although to differing degrees.

The Athlete phase is when our primary identification is with our physical body. During this phase men measure worth and happiness by physical appearance. This is the time when the ego really starts to ‘flex its muscles’, when life seems impossible without a mirror and a steady stream of approval and positive strokes.

The second phase, the Warrior phase, is when the flexed ego really comes into its own – the primary goal seems to be to conquer the world and to show superiority. It is the time dominated by competition, achievement and the acquisition of cars, clothes, houses, boats, etc.

With the advantage of maturity, the Statesperson phase gradually begins to unfold. This is a ‘been there done that’ phase. The intensity of the ego becomes more subdued. The needs, wants and desires of others start to become more important.

Arriving at the Statesperson phase is unfortunately often a long time in coming, occasionally only manifesting in the very late or even end stages of life. However, ‘arriving’ does not mean that there aren't still aspects of the Athlete and/or Warrior still evident. It is just that the inner desire has shifted from self-absorption to being of service to, and considering the thoughts and feelings of others.

Finally, and ultimately, the goal is to reach the state of Spirit – where one recognises one's truest essence, the Highest Self.

What do you think?


19-03-2006 15:04:07

This seems very accurate for my personal experience. I feel that I was "rocked" very hard in my warrior and statesperson stage which has now lead me to finding my spirit stage. Very good description in my opinion!