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Wayne Dyer - The Seven Faces of Intention - Chapter Two

chris knight

17-01-2005 14:10:30

The following excerpt is from the new book, The Power of Intention Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. This chapter is re-printed with permission and published by Hay House (February 2004)


Chapter Two
The Seven Faces of Intention

An Excerpt
Take a moment right now to put this book down and allow yourself to trust and gently experience an awareness of your nonphysical self. First, close your eyes and empty your mind of rational thoughts and the multitudinous ever-changing chatter that goes on. Next, hit the delete button every time doubt appears. Finally, open to the emptiness. Then you can begin to discover how to silently know the power of intention. (In the following chapter, Iíll discuss in more depth other ways to access and reconnect to intention.)
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The Secrets of the Power of Intention

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25-01-2005 16:36:23

I enjoyed reading your article (chapter from your book), regarding intention. I am so grateful for the contribution that you make to mankind! You teachings, along with other tools in my toolbox, over the years, have equipped me to become the woman I am today. In my profession as a life Coach, I am always teaching/coaching/training/reminding individuals of the power of intention! Often I point them to you! I coach them in the importance of "where they are coming from" in what ever they are trying to accomplish! It matters!! It really matters!!!
Anna Marie Sinatra Life & Business Development Coach

chris knight

25-01-2005 18:42:40


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