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Wayne's Thoughts About the War in Iraq

chris knight

14-12-2004 20:35:33

Wayne has a brand new article on his official website that I thought you might benefit from reading today.

Here is an excerpt
"With empathy you know in your heart that it's not a sign of weakness to attempt to understand that the people we call terrorists have placed the same label on us, and that the use of force will create a counter force, a never-ending saga of killing and hate. Ending war involves cultivating empathy in our policies and the love of God in our hearts. As the Native Americans reminded us No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves."
Read the full article here

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My take on it is that Wayne's theme is that we must practice empathy for our enemy to better understand their position so that we can end hating them for reasons that we've been programmed by society to hate...that are often illogical.


16-12-2004 10:20:10

Wayne has verbalized the pain and frustration in my heart. Yes, I pray as he suggests but the lump in the throat hurts. What has happened to our country given past experiences is beyond my comprehension. I wish everyone could read Wayne's article.


16-12-2004 10:31:27

After reading what was written simply reminded me we have two choices. We can operate out of love or fear and what is happening now shows us from a global standpoint where the majority is still operating. For those of us choosing love, we have to continue to love and find forgiveness, compassion and empathy.

Jerry Thornton

16-12-2004 11:25:15

This saying was very evident in Vietnam and yet again it is repeated in Iraq.

"You see Sir, I had to destroy the village to save it"

History repeat itself once again for another generation to learn perhaps the next will.

Om Shanta


16-12-2004 15:20:06

? I agree with what Wayne Dyer is saying and it underlines many of his thoughts and much of his philosophy demonstrated in his earlier work.
The Heart wishes for kindness and Love, only the Ego wants to be right.
It is only the ego which is divisive and only the ego which seperates. We ARE all branches on the same tree, the "humanitree".
Unfortunately the collective ego is currently running the show (the world), and fortunately a growing awareness of this means that consciousness can continue to evolve. Whether as a species we will survive is debatable, it is a possibility, but only that. We have killed over 100 million of our own kind in the last 100 years. So it is only a possibility. I think it was Ghandi who said that the world, "has enough for every man's need, not enough for their greed".
The ego is greedy, never satisfied and always wants more, individually and collectively. More cars, more money more things, bigger cars, houses, more food, clothes etc., on and on. If we all just stopped wanting, more..... Maybe there would be change.
America, Europe, Middle East, Africa etc. etc. all have problems and war will not provide a solution to any of them. 45,000 children are dying every day, war will not help them.
For me, this gives an opportunity to pray, for all people, on both sides, and for a BRIEF moment, MAYBE somewhere between 24/25th december there will be, just for a moment.... Peace on Earth.


16-12-2004 16:07:17

Ya know, after the election, I guess I'm just totally frustrated. Those who read Wayne's article are all in total agreement, but those who should be reading it and thinking about it probably won't be attracted to it, will brush it aside and just ignore it. What kind of country are we that we continue working with a government that has put us in as much danger as the one we have re-elected? I'm sorry friends, reading Wayne's article is not uplifting, it frustrates me. For me what he says is common sense, but I simply don't understand why we're doing this another four years.....


16-12-2004 17:00:28

Reading this article only makes me more comforted in the knowledge that I am a Canadian. I enjoy our diversity and freedom. I also enjoy the unique culture in which we have worked hard to achieve. I am so very proud that our government chose not to support this war despite the fear of seperating from our allies.

Although Bush claims that he is spreading ethics and democracy to other countries, I can not help but feel as though he has much to learn from others if he would just listen.

At times we must not view others as being behind without looking at how far they have advanced. Many people do not feel they need change or desire change.

Enemies are created when the ego takes charge and overlooks others diversity.


16-12-2004 17:32:17

Bush is an idiot plain and same.

It's a sad reflection of the state of america/the world that he got back in.

chris knight

16-12-2004 17:37:22

I am so very proud that our government chose not to support this war despite the fear of seperating from our allies.

Friendly debate

Canada Quietly Supported U.S. Iraq Invasion

The author ascerts that Canada provided quiet support in order to win government war bids.

"War" almost never makes sense, but billions of dollars in war job contracts have a way of muddying up the waters of integrity of even seemingly intelligent men.


16-12-2004 18:22:18

I suspect it's highly unlikely that any regulars here would disagree fundamentally with Dr Dyer on this issue. He is consistent and having participated in those long ago Vietnam moratorium marches and witnessed different motivations in the people I marched with, I was then but am now more clearly of the "I will march for peace rather than against war" (can't remember the exact quote but it's in one of Dr D's books) school.
The immediate issue of political and moral responsibility for the US, Britain, Australia etc is having got into this mess, what do we do now? In that vein I find it thought provoking and definitely not comfortable to read the blog posts of a couple of Iraqis in the Iraq the Model blog - http://iraqthemodel.blogspot.com/
And there is the issue also of what is to be done the next time "pre-emption" is raised? And I fear there will be a next time, maybe several.
Thanks for getting this going Chris. I trust that if the discussion continues it will stay as a peaceful exchange of views and concerns, not a conflict ground!


16-12-2004 22:00:19

Chris, I believe that Canada did and does want to participate in the rebuilding of Iraq. We also have deployed many ships and so on, in areas to combat terrorism. Many of which are in areas unrelated to the Iraq war but directly related in our security from terrorism. I live in an area which has a high population of army and navy. Many of my dearest friends have been seperated for long periods from husbands who have been gaurding our security long before this war errupted and even before 9/11.

It took many brave countries to go against the super power of the world. There were more financial benefits for our country had we assisted Bush and supported his invasion of Iraq. However we did not do this and our moral standing should never be undermined by unjustified articles.

I have never had anything against the citizens of the U.S however I do have issues with Bush. I do not feel that my issues are any different than the 49 % or so who voted against him. Your country is divided and your leader is on a personal mission. We are neighbours who happen to be very fearful of the impending turmoil Bush will bring to our country in this next four years. He is a man on a mission to fullfill personal needs, not needs in which reflect the worlds best intentions.

I do not feel that Wayne or any other person who respects human life would disagree. War is ugly, and even worse when it is waged under false pretenses. There will be no winners in this war. Look at the pictures of the innocent children of Iraq. They too are dying just as many did during 9/11. Neither is worse or better. Murder is murder. Sometimes rather than standing up for your countrys leader, one could benefit much more standing up for the vulnerable.

One must avoid being so blinded by patriotism that they refuse to see the reality of the evil doers.

And yes this is a friendly debate wink I think we are on the same side, we are just seeing it in a different light idea .


17-12-2004 14:45:31

Way to go Cathy! I'm right there with you. You said it so eloquently...

D Peace and Love!


18-12-2004 21:56:49

I loved what Dr. Dyer wrote. I found it comforting to some degree. Like so many of us, I was terribly depressed and disturbed that Bush was relected inspite of all that is known. I truely believed there were enough intelligent people who didn't wear blinders. It was devastating. But I have survived.

The bottom line is those who seek power teach/brainwash their people through fear. Enough creates hatred and wars. They choose to do so because they believe that true "power" is achieved this way. It is so sad. But I am comforted to know there are many of us who do not feel this way and are not "blinded" by the illusion. We must keep faith and remember..."love is all there is."

I am a great long-time (I am 60 so you figure out how long that is! LOL) fan of John Denver. One of the last songs he wrote, which was never recorded but he sung it in a concert, fits this theme here. It's called "Wandering Soul" Here are some of the words near the end

"Suddenly the mystery is clear, that love is only letting go of fear.
Love is the answer, love is the way. Love is in knowing just what to do and what to say. And love is the reason, and love is the why. And love is in heaven right here on earth and peace inside. Inside your heart, deep in your soul, within each part and in the whole."

Be peace.



22-12-2004 01:34:25

There is no superpower that stayed in power for ever. See the egyptians, romans ect.
We are witneses.


22-12-2004 20:59:53

How about all of us begin to think about peace! How about we send love and thoughts of peace to the war torn area. Remember what we think, happens!


23-12-2004 08:21:06

Wayne's recently article on the war of Irag was very thought provoking. Until we all quit killing in the name of "God" and we value life outside of our borders as much as within, we are all doomed. Empathy begins with each and every one of us. If we truly want peace we must change the way we think. We are all God's children and the killing of anyone is not acceptable.



29-12-2004 21:01:53

o I agree in some cases emapthizing with our adversaries can help dissipate anger, hurt etc. and maybe we can obtain peace and harmony with them; however the fact still remains there are some evil forces out there that have a desire to accomplish something no matter how much they hurt other people regardless how much you empathize with them; in their sick minds they are helping their victims and the rest of the world by destoying them; does Wayne think empathizing with Al Quaida is going to change their goals? Should the Allies have empathized with Hitler? Does Hamas care how much the Israelis empathize with them? Would the victims of Charles Manson have lived if they had empathized with his gang? I don't think you can paint every situation with the same brush.


27-01-2005 22:43:25

So true.

And like a guest user wrote, Wayne's fans are only going to agree with it. There are President Bush's die hard fans who will not even want to read the article, let alone agree with it.

Neither Saddam nor the Baathists were/are a threat to us. I feel sorry for the innocents in Iraq who lost all - lives, hopes, homes, and everything. Unfortunately, the insurgents are increasing and this increase is a direct result of the suffering in Iraq.

Can we really make it up to those who suffered? Will money buy them lives, limbs and security?

I am praying for safe elections because we cannot stop the process.