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chris knight

25-10-2004 06:21:24

Self-help superstar is eager to get others celebrating life
Susan Felt
The Arizona Republic
Oct. 25, 2004 1200 AM

Here is an excerpt from the article
QUESTION Isn't it easy for you to celebrate life when you fly first class?

ANSWER I flew coach. I worked as a schoolteacher and a school professor. I really think (celebrating life) is more about how you feel about what you're doing. Loving what you do and doing what you love. Many people who (will come to the conference) feel that they can't have an easier life or a better life.

Q So, what's the major obstacle for people in celebrating life?

A Thinking that they can't. Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.

Q Is it that easy?

A The minute you think something is going to be difficult or can't be done, that's what you become. We put our thoughts on what we don't want, what is missing, and we become what we think about and what we can't do.

Q What do successful people do in your mind?

A Highly functioning people never put their attention on what they don't want.

Q You're a writer and a speaker/teacher. Which of those roles resonates the most for you?

A Writer probably. I feel most at home and on purpose when I'm writing. But you can really be good at everything. There's no reason to compartmentalize.

Q Whom do you love to sit and listen to?

A (Guru) Ram Das, (author) Stuart Wilde, (author/lecturer) Marianne Williamson, (comedian) Chris Rock, (politician) Barack Obama, (comedian) Bill Cosby. Silence.

Q What about the criticism that you're too New Agey?

A I don't care. It's just too silly. I've never paid much attention to critics, and I don't read reviews. I know the benefit my work has and the feedback I get. I feel really good about it and I feel like I'm on purpose.

Q What's your purpose?

A The whole purpose of life is to learn to feel good. Feeling good is the same thing as feeling God. In The Power of Intention, I talk about the reality that we all come from (is) a source that is good, that is God. The whole purpose of living is to return to God.

Q What are you exploring now?

A I know I'll write another book. I know I'm working on something. Ideas start percolating. The universe starts sending you stuff. . . . There's nothing more powerful than the idea whose time has come.

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