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[Wayne Dyer Mention in Article] Flow of Intention

chris knight

19-10-2004 07:14:35

"The Flow of Intention
What the river taught me about influencing the future"
óBy Nina Utne, Utne magazine
September / October 2004 Issue

Here is a brief excerpt from her article

Thanks to popular authors like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, there's a lot of interest in the role that intentions might play in love, business, and personal growth. In fact, the degree to which human consciousness shapes the world we see has intrigued thinkers from both the East and the West for thousands of years. With the rise of Western science and its mechanistic view of the universe, the idea went underground for a few centuries, but it has resurfaced over the past several decades. Today, a growing number of scientists are as drawn to these questions as the ancient philosophers were, and a few will even admit it.

My river mates were not aware that I'd been obsessing over all of this, and for a few days, at least, I focused on the world around me. There's nothing like floating along a river for days to feel what it is to be in the flow. And there's nothing like white water -- particularly when you are alone in a little inflatable rubber-ducky boat in class IV rapids -- to give you instant feedback about being out of the flow.

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Any comments?


19-10-2004 08:17:28

Great article Chris - thanks for pointing it out.

What the article emphasized to me is the need to combine intention and movement.

We must continue to paddle and move, sometimes sideways, sometimes back paddling a bit but mostly forward to move into our intention.

Too often we spend lots of time "intending" but then sit back and wait for the intention to be fruitful without doing the movements necessary to facilitate it.

Does that make any sense to you?