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New chances to choose the right path [Dyer Mention]

chris knight

25-09-2004 06:37:10

Second Thoughts New chances to choose the right path
Published in the Asbury Park Press 9/25/04
By Bobbi Seidel

Here is an excerpt with key points in BOLD
"I grabbed off my home desk a book by the psychologist Wayne Dyer, "There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem," which I've been reading.

Sure enough, the words I needed were there.

Dyer writes of Mother Theresa, the nun who ministered to the poor in India. He writes, basically, that she knew people can be cruel and selfish, and the world can be unfair.

But be kind anyway. Forgive anyway. Do good anyway, he says she advised."

Source http://www.app.com/app/story/0,21625,1060966,00.html

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