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[Wayne Dyer in the Media] Dont' Let The Music Die Inside....

chris knight

14-08-2004 09:28:48

Mary Friedel-Hunt wrote an article titled
"Practice following your instincts"
...where she mentioned Wayne Dyer

An excerpt with some key points I highlighed
Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite authors, said, "Don't die with your music inside you." I wonder how many of us do just that. How many of us never find our voices, express what is hidden just beneath the surface and ultimately die without ever expressing our true selves? How many books have gone unwritten and how many painting have gone unpainted?

Source http://www.bradenton.com/mld/bradenton/living/9387815.htm
Mary Friedel-Hunt is a free-lance writer and a licensed clinical social worker who has been a psychotherapist for 28 years. Her column runs weekly in WellBeing. You can learn more from her Web site www.mfriedelhunt.com

Is there music left inside of you? 8)


24-08-2004 19:35:29

"Don't die with your music inside you."

I have this pasted around several places where I will see it often each day. This is a gentle reminder that comes via Dyer from the truth within me. This is a gentle reminder that I have an appointment with my Higher Power to do what I am to do - but what ego has me petrified of - yes petrified - scared of disappointment - scare of being unaccepted - fear of rejection. These are common illusions made by me as ego and they are only as good as I make them - and I make them good. This is my battle line - if I ever believe I was at war. I have written several books and for no other reason than my own fear, I am doing nothing with them. It is, as I see it at times, the struggle of struggles - my last hold out in the acceptance of my truth. I do not want to experience death knowing that I have not done what I am to do - it will all seem so senseless. But posting this is just like journaling - I can see the words and I can see the power I give them - and I can see the insanity of my thoughts - I can see the powerlessness that ego has me believing. But I can also feel the power of truth within me - and like the Olympics are showing me - I have go to go for the "Gold" - I have got to try for I shall never succeed unless I do.

Please don't die with your "song" within you.

Namaste - Ron