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This was my first real introduction to Dyer


17-02-2005 08:04:15

Hi everyone,

A Spirtual Solution to Every Problem was my first real introduction to Wayne Dyer - and it came full circle in my family. What I means is this...

A few years ago my son was having some problems, so I went to stay with him for a few weeks (from MI to NC). While there I saw Wayne Dyer's SSEP on public TV and I bought the whole package - book, CD's, video.

I loved it and I shared it with my son. He was 25 years old and he would listen to the CD's in his car on the way to work - and then he would apply the principles to his job and he noticed immediate results when he expected everything to go along perfectly - and it did. He was a mechanic and there were weeks at a time when nothing went wrong with his machines. He was so excited about applying the principles.

Two years later my son became ill and again I went to stay with him. Once again we studied Wayne Dyer's SSEP work and we both learned that we are eternal spirits having a human experience.

A few weeks later my son had an accident and then passed away while I was still there. Although I still grieve every day, I know in my heart that my son knew that he is an eternal spirit and I know that I am an eternal spirit. That gives me more peace than I can describe.

So, I am very grateful for SSEP for it has truly helped me move forward knowing that my son did not really "die" - he just moved on to the next level.

Thank you for listening.