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Survival Of The Fittest


15-02-2005 16:24:08

Hello, i just wanted some imput as far as a topic some friends and i were discussing. It was about "survival of the fittest "and what you would do if ever confronted with a real life _ _ _ _hit the fan situation. The people i talked with are all military, law enforcement, and survivalist types. Not that i think they are bad people by any means, but the question was put to me in a rather hostile manner. I think that the questioner expected because of my peaceful nature and view of violence that i would make an easy target in such a situation. I was told that one must "be prepared" in the likely event of the aftermath of a nuclear attack, riots, break down of societies etc. not to mention just the everyday ocurrances you could face on the street in this so called "civalized" society we live in today. Now im here to tell ya, im not some pushover, i grew up in a bad area, i have had more than my fair share of rough an rowdy days, im a martial artist, ive been a bouncer in a nightclub, worked security in the worst of places, and am street savy as to what goes on in real life situations. I think that because of my recent change of thinking in the past few years, i am looked upon as weak, whereas before most would want me by their side in a bad situation. Now i am affectionatley referred to as one of the "sheeple" a term we all once used for the general population of nieve citizens. Basically someone who blindly follows and excepts whatever they are told, thinking everything ok and that bad things happen to others. Anyways, i just wanted some thoughts on the whole "being prepared" if ever there was such a scenerio as mentioned and what steps someone would take to make it through alive without sacrificng their beliefs. I mean is that even possible in such a situation? Do we as people feel this could never happen, or if it did happen would we just hope someone else would take care of us? Do you feel like it is or would be in our best interest to "be prepared" for such an event or do you think its just some paranoid dillusion thats never going to happen? Im sorry i am not able to better express myself in writing, the conversation i had with my friends is still rushing through my head, and i DO feel that they may have some very valid points. On the other hand i dont want to spend my life always preparing for the worst or having that "me against the bad guy attitude" like i used to have. I would want my children safe yes, but would hate for them to grow up with such a mentality, especially one taught by me. Im not sure if you can have it both ways. Thanks for listening, any responses would be greatly appreciated.