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Less judgment and more forgiving


16-11-2004 16:02:27

14. You will be less judgmental and more forgiving

Or try this one for a bit - do you find yourself asking others "why" less than you did? Do you find yourself more accepting of others? Have you finally come to realize that how you judge them, you judge you and you were beginning to get uncomfortable with all that? Are you also more forgiving of yourself for what you think you have done in a past that is no more? Do you finally forgive yourself for the secrets you have held that no one else knew about - or so you thought? Do you find yourself standing more erect since you let go of the judgments you were carrying around with you all these years? When you find yourself wanting to forgive someone else for what you believe they did to you, do you realize that the forgiveness is for you and not for them?

Just some thoughts...