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16-11-2004 16:01:33

1. Experience and enhance the meaningfulness of coincidence

Now a few of you were discussing this one recently. But are you all aware of the many, many times within your day when a coincidence occurs or have many of them slipped by your awareness? They were placed there just for you - they contained a message just for you at the particular moment in your time. Start being aware of what is happening in your day - what thoughts you put out that are coming back to you as an experience. And then that experience brings along a coincidence to get your attention. Pay attention for much of what you want is passing by unnoticed.

Just some thoughts...


16-11-2004 16:15:19

Hi Ron. Thanks for all your thoughts today. I am very aware of synchronicity in my life. I find it highly intriguing and always pay attention to it. Most of the time I see these events has having spiritual meaning and sometimes I think they are just chance occurences.

I am having a great day. I woke up in a really good mood, read some stuff on this forum. Did some writing, did a good deed for my brother. And hey, whaddya know, I'm still happy!


16-11-2004 16:28:01

" And hey, whaddya know, I'm still happy!"

I cannot think of one reason why you should not be so! Great!

Namaste - Ron


04-08-2005 08:41:01

Since I met the Lord, coincidence changed into the Holy Gost.


09-08-2005 01:46:07

Tell me about it! I have beem noticing a LOT of them...I seem to have excellent parking karma in crowded parking lots at shopping malls. It's like no one else sees the parking space except me. I also notice little things like the people who cross my path everyday. Sometimes a fleeting glance of them is all it takes for me to 'KNOW' them. Strange huh?


19-03-2006 15:13:33

I made a statement recently that until I said it outloud, I didnt really see or feel what it meant. here it is...

"There is certain number of people in this world that "pay attention" and because those people "pay attention" they obtain great things in their life. The trick to this is simply constanty BE paying attention."

So many people walk around with blinders on and refuse to see what great things are in store for them. Ther is no coincidence...its all right there..Just "Pay Attention." Its far too easy to stay focused on the negative it seems and when "being, doing, and having" that are going on, what is it we miss??? Coincidence!! (relatively speaking of course). Just my .02 worth...Thanks!


22-03-2006 08:50:40

Hi Cheeky,
In my own life I 'choose' to pay attention to all things. Whether on the surface they 'appear' negative or positive is irrelevant. I can't tell you the number of times something I originally interpreted as 'negative' turned positive. So I guess in all... everything IS positive depending on how you look at it.

On another note; My wife has 4 children from a previous marriage. Without going into too much detail let's just say my step-son lived with us and my step-daughter chose to stay with their Dad. One of my step-daughters, Sarah, had a strained relationship with my wife for the past few years. But Sarah, now 18, started calling my wife and confiding her. She's a Junior Cosmotology student and wants desparately to work in that field but her father won't hear of it. My wife and I know there's a reason she involved us and on Saturday we found out... On a whim, we decided to go into town and have breakfast at this little diner we'd never visited before. As we were sitting there some women wearing smocks came in. Yes, they attend a Cosmotology school and they had nothing but praise for it. I looked at my wife and said, "there's a reason we came 'here' for breakfast this morning!" We told Sarah about it and she's coming down in two weeks to visit the school. Coincidence? Nah... We were just paying attention...