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Martial Arts and Dyers Teachings


04-10-2004 13:11:26

Was wondering what members think about martial arts and self protection in relation to Waynes teachings. I am considering stopping my training after a considerable number of years do to the fact that some of the techniques both armed and unarmed could possibly result in the death of an attacker. Not quite sure what to think or feel about the matter as i haved loved the arts for many years. Also, something interesting, the other day was on Chopras site and members were all talking about when the good doctor repelled an attacker with a baseball bat. You go doc LOL


04-10-2004 21:01:01

Hello there,

I personally have trained in martial arts extensively. i do not see any conflict in the spiritual life and the martial arts, provided it is done woth the right intent. I had similar reservations until I was able to obtain clarity after discussing it at length. If martial arts are used to expound on the ego (i have been guilty of it in the distant past... unknowingly of course), then there is a conflict. if it is learned as a true artform and used appropriately, it is very spiritual. Particularly if it is being used to prevent harm being done to you or someone else. Remember, it is just as as cowardly to watch someone being inflicted upon then it is to be the offender. occasionally it can be used to prevent someone from conferring more harm to someone else and in the process harm themselves.

hope this makes sense, but the bottomline is to respect the intensity and the power of the art and to use it jusiciously if at all. I used to need it a lot more when I dod not understand the above. now when I knwo how to use it, I never need it.