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when you ask and ask .....


13-09-2004 17:45:30

Please, if anybody would be kind enough to answer my question.
I was listening to spiritual sol., He said there that if you ask and ask from the universe, the universe will ask and ask back from you, And when you give and give, the universe will give back. I am a bit confuse since they said that "When you ask you shall receive", then when you give it will give back ten times more which coincide with Wayne's concept.
Please any one , enligthen me on this? I would really appreciate it...

Angel )


19-09-2004 09:42:23

Did you know that giving and receiving are seen as the same? What you give, you receive. So if you ask questions, you will get questions. If you give love, you will get love. Just be aware of the words you use and what you are believing you are in need of. You are, of course, in need of nothing, but we believe we are.

Namaste -Ron


24-09-2004 18:50:03

Hi, Netdollusa/Angel!

I am glad you are thinking about this. I feel quite strongly that any book worth reading is a book worth thinking about. Although there are many valid reasons for reading, I believe that on of the main purposes of a book is to enrich our lives in some ways- either by thinking, entertainment, emotional stimuli, etc.

In response to your query, I believe that there are two basic ways of looking at this giving/asking issue. Firstly, the Bible (source for "Ask and you shall receive"), among other things, is stressing the point of faith. This line can be interpreted as 'Believe in God! God is generous! Have enough faith in him to know that whatever you ask for, you will receive'. Furthermore, to support Waye Dyer's writings, he points out that what we need/want is already part of us- as we are part of God and God is part of us (all the same energy). He also points out that the ego is the one aspect of our human self that believes is separate from our 'source'. That being said, it is your ego that does the 'asking'- not knowing that it is already part of us.

The other point of view, and this is less metaphysical/theological in nature, can be seen via the eyes of relationship dynamics. You see, the reactions that we see from others is a reflection of us. For example, if you feel anger you will automatically convey this to those around you- be it through some harsh words, a tone of voice, a facial expression, etc. This is turn will create a particular reaction from the person experiencing your expression; whether it was intentional or not. This point deals with interaction with others. What's more, there is also an interaction with yourself. There is an inner dialogue that takes place inside of you, and when you experience the aforementioned anger (example), you, too, will have an impact on your next thoughts. Putting it all together, asking and demanding will generate a suitable reaction. Conversely, giving will also create an appropriate response. Hence, asking fort of the universe will have the universe asking you right back, and giving to the universe will have the universe give back to you.

Please note that the universe, in this response, is assumed to be the harmonious habitat where people, intentions, and energies create a 'plane'. In other words, in the material world, the universe can be seen as a place where everything exists within, including the cosmos and each of us.

Give this some thinking. hope it helps. Keep in mind that we are all one and what affects any part of us, as a whole, creates a ripple amongst all of us. Good luck!