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Wayne Dyer mentions quotes by "Bhagavad Gita"

chris knight

31-07-2004 06:47:46

In Wayne Dyer's "There's a Spiritual Solution..." he mentions a quote by "Bhagavad Gita."

I wasn't familiar with this person, so I looked him up

I first started reading the ego-bloated rhetoric on the intro of the page, but as I dug deeper into the site-- I found there is some depth to this person's works.

Check out what some leaders thought of Bhagavad Gita

Have you read any of Bhagavad Gita's works? Your thoughts?


05-08-2004 07:13:04

The Bhagavad gita is the foremost religous text written in India. It was written many thousands of years ago. Bhagavad gita literally translate into the Song of God. It is the story of Krishna who is an incarnation of God telling Arjuna, his cousin about the duties and the karma that we all must do in our life without regards to the fruits of our action.

You should read it and will learn more about Waynes works. He refers to a lot of eastern writers.

Hope this helps you.


04-10-2004 20:54:52

Bahagvad Gita is not a person. It is literally documentation of gods suggestions of how to live. infact there is a movie based on this text called "legend of Beggarvance" Dr. Dyer references this in some of his books and has a great explanation regarding this. I do find that the teachings in the bible, gita, kabbalah etc. have a common denominator. they are distinct in their styles but common in their message.

chris knight

04-10-2004 21:54:32

Bahagvad Gita is not a person. It is literally documentation of gods suggestions of how to live.

I didn't know that...

I wonder if it's similar to the teachings of Seth and Abraham (pseudo spirits designed to help sell books)?

What do you know of Bahagvad Gita? Care to share the basic tenets that make up the teachings?


05-10-2004 22:30:34

Sure, what I do know about the Gita is that it is a metaphorical battlefield, where it depicts the struggle one has with their own shortcomings ie ego, pride, power greed etc. It is literally conversation with God, where the warrior Arjuna (represents our higher self) is being coached by Krishna (god spirit) in how to view the perceived struggles and challenges of life and how to transcend them. it is about a battle between different fractions of a royal family. where one side represents our nobler side and the other side represents our lower self.

This is a fairly general description and clearly an interpretation.


27-10-2004 11:17:07

SC - very good definition. I have read the book and Chris I am happy you found it. One always learns more lessons in life and becomes wiser from reading objectively all available teachings. )


27-10-2004 22:52:51


Thanks for joining the discussion, I would be curious to hear your views on it.


28-10-2004 10:10:17

Anyone who has the courage to put something in writing - whether in a book, a letter, or even on a discussion board - is a teacher to someone else. And is a warrior of some sort. This book serves as a wonderful example of our ability to be brave while God is teaching significant lessons. "Every moment you live you effect the life of someone else." )


28-10-2004 11:11:17

Question Does God teach us lessons or are we our own teachers? In the Truth of who you are, you have nothing to learn for you have all knowledge. Life is about, perhaps, our remembering all that we have forgotten while believing in who we think we are in this world. Here is a quote from Alan Watts "If you do not get it from yourself, where will you go for it?"

Namaste - Ron


28-10-2004 22:00:34

Interesting thought. Purpose of incarnating is to fill in the blanks of our awareness and knowledge. when all the blanks are filled then you merge with the oneness ... the supreme. Therefore, although all the knowledge is accessible to us because of who we are, our lower self still needs to be educated.


30-10-2004 17:12:07

For me, there is no lower self - there is simply "Self." If by lower self you are referring to ego, then I am here to tell you that ego cannot be taught anything - for ego is nothing. We already have all that is, within us. We remember more of this Truth as we move along our journey without an end. What some call lessons are but moments of remembering. And there is no who has remembered everything and still exists. NO ONE! And I will go out on this one - but there has been anyone who remembered everything.

Namaste - Ron