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Top Definitions of Namaste Greeting as Defined By Google

chris knight

27-06-2004 08:10:21


greeting performed with folded hands, hello

A respectful greeting that is accompanied by a gesture of joining one's palms, with the fingertips pointing upwards. The joined palms are brought close to the chest.

("the most graceful substitute" for a handshake, "slight bow, hands clasped near the heart as in prayer") (language=Hindi) [Lance Morrow, TIME, November 8, 1999]

Traditional (Hindu) greeting with hands joined at heart, eye contact and brief bow - "I bow to the divinity within you"

The national greeting of India. It means "I great the soul within you."

Amazing that one word has so many meanings...and yet each meaning has the same theme in mind...that of respecting the perfection or divine in another person you say it to.

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