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Solitude - a Poem from Young Elizabeth B. Smith of Hanover

chris knight

18-10-2004 08:26:13

Ron Toth, Jr. (user name Cracker Jack), wanted me to share this poem with everyone today


O Sacred solitude! devine retreat!
Choice of the prudent! envy of the great!
By thy pure stream, or in thy waving shade,
We court fair wisdom, that celestial maid
The genuine offspring of her lov¹d embrace
(Strangers on earth!) are innocence and peace
There from the ways of men laid safe ashore,
We smile to hear the distant tempest roar,
There, blest with health with business unperplex¹d,
This life we relish, and ensure the next.
There too the Muses sport; these numbers free,
Pierian Eastbury! I owe to thee.

Young Elizabeth B. Smith
October 15th 1810

Ron went to a local auction and found a fabulous old hand written poem from 1810. It is nicely matted and framed, but he was able to scan it (jpg image below).


Thanks Ron for sharing this with everyone! 8)