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Why some people attract negative energy- They want it

chris knight

12-10-2004 17:51:24

Wow, 36 replies to the "Why some people attract negative energy" thread...

I think many people attract negative energy because they want it on some level.

Many get a payoff from the attraction of negative energy.

If you're busy attracting negative energy, it keeps you in a safe place of not having to deal with life.

Perhaps we could take this thread into two forks

Fork 1) Why do some people attract negative energy for themselves?

Fork 2) Why do some people attract negative energy from other people?

Your thoughts?


26-10-2004 15:32:52

Fork 1) Why do some people attract negative energy for themselves?

Fork 2) Why do some people attract negative energy from other people?

Have been away for 12 days...

Fork 1...

Like Dr. Dyer says we are here to serve and to love. Yet we are not required to be in bondage or an emotional slave to negativity. In some experiences of stress and negativity, they can be the catylist which brings us to desire new growth. As in all things there is positive and negative, the key is the balance. Yet the negative energy here seems to me to be the Misery Loves, Co. kind. *Big Grin* I have always been ugly, I have always been fat, I have always been a loser...I will never be happy.

The freedom of unconditional love comes from an enlightened state of mind. We must first cultivate unconditional love towards ourselves, so that we experience less internal conflict, and learn to appreciate ourselves more. In doing so this helps us to bring more harmony into our relationships with others, so that we experience less conflicts, resolve existing difficulties, and deepen our connections with people we already get along with. It helps us to empathize more, and to be more considerate, kind, and forgiving. We also learn to appreciate others more, concentrating more on their positive qualities and less on their faults.

Glad to be back. Will check around the threads. Walk in Beauty, Love Hazel


20-12-2005 08:53:04

Hi Chris!

Great thread!

Now to answer your question Could it be because it helps them to walk the spiritual path faster?

I mean after all, most masters of the spiritual realm welcome 'negative forces' as it helps them understand and recognize how far they've come in their spiritual practises.

And I think it's the same for me too. I find that a lot of 'negative' stuff in my life right now makes me pay even more closer attention to what makes me happy and feel good. It also 'tests' my ability to maintain myself at higher energy levels and I find that I'm managing better than I used to.

So in a weird way, I actually am grateful for these 'negative forces' and I find that mysteriously when I align myself to the higher energies, these 'negative forces' don't become that bad after all.

Does that make sense?


25-12-2005 12:25:00

I too have also come to find that what seemed negative always has turned out to have a positive effect in the long run.

The worse the situation the better the outcome. It had been the hardest thing to accept but I can conclusively say that there are no 'negative' situations.

If it keeps happening, its so we keep learning. When we get it, they tend to disappear.