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chris knight

14-07-2004 14:30:19

Feeling depressed?

Well, knock it off ;-)

Post uplifting and positive - supportive messages here for others. Perhaps in helping others to pick up their spirits, you may find your own spirits are lifting up.



14-07-2004 16:43:08


14-07-2004 16:43:46


28-07-2004 04:19:49

I wonderful thing to do if you're feeling down is call Silent Unity at 1-816-969-2000. (There's also a toll free number. Go to www.unity.org .) They offer positive prayer support and remind you that you are not alone.


Brian C

29-07-2004 12:48:35

Hello All,
My name is Brian and I am newly registered here. I will share a challenge that I am experiencing now, and will gladly comment on yours as well.

Presently I am experiencing a great degree of dissatisfaction with my job. Frankly it is uninspiring, tedious, and the workplace lacks any sort of positive energy or enthusiasm. I am miserable here, and really this is the only area of dissatisfaction in my life! So all in all I am doing quite well.

I have taken a couple of steps toward correcting this, however I have hit a wall emotionally recently.

1. I have enrolled in an MBA program to open up more opportunities for myself. I am currently in the 8th of 16 courses I have to take and should be done October, 2005.

2. I have also been in touch with an aquantence who has helped me revise my resume and is also assisiting me in pursuing a new position through some of his contacts.

So I have things going in the right direction, but feel as though I am lacking momentum. Any advice???
Thanks, and I hope you are all having a tremendous day!


10-08-2004 01:42:54

As Dr. Dyer says, meditate and "contemplate yourself as surrounded by the circumstances you want to create".


10-08-2004 12:53:23

I meditate twice a day with Dr. Dyer. I have cancer and lately feel myself slipping away. The pain is getting worse each day. I try not to use any drugs for pain but I need to find away to silence my mind and gain some peace again in my life so I can sleep and rest. God bless those with any ideas.


17-08-2004 14:00:31

Dear Scott,

Sending you thoughts of healing love and holding you close to my heart. It is understandable your reluctance to use pain medication if you find that it impairs your ability to communicate, think, respond. Not being familiar with your conidition or reasons for not using the medications to relieve the pain I am just rambling, but you'd find that I ramble most days!

Lately I have felt myself slipping away too, wanting to silence my mind and unable or unwilling to accept silence. You are not alone. And I am glad to find that I am not alone.

Not knowing your circumstances, I do not know if this is feasible or helpful, but there is powerful healing in touch. Massage or even Reiki healing where they do not place the hands on the body can offer some relief to stressed muscles and nerves. If you are able to take your pain medication without it adversely affecting your ability to function, do not be afraid to use it.

Don't know if you are familiar with aroma therapy or not. I am not extensively versed in all of the various herbs and properties. I have from my own experience found that certain things have helped me. Sage is a herb that was used by native americans to dispell negative energy... sage actually has a sedative quality and can be relaxing, lavendar is another. Have yourself a sniffing party and find what herbs help you to feel better.

Humor. Have you seen Secondhand Lions? Get your funniest movies out, or call up that friend who always could make you laugh. Laugh your arse off!

Hope some of this might be helpful. Love and Healing light, Hazel


17-08-2004 14:28:59

okay, I'll get the hang of it... I should put something in the subject line... right?

Chris do you look like Nicholas Gage only better?

Brian I can empathize. You are physically doing things you need to do to further your options that's a start. In 1975 I began to work at this place and over the years I felt many times as you do about work. You mention it is the only area you feel such frustration. That is a major plus! Until you find the momentum, take the time to breathe. Inhale deeply through your nostrils seeking positive energy when you find youself frustrated at work and exhale the negative out your mouth ... not indesriminately but with purpose of using it as fertilizer to encourage wonderous growth...

Strangely I have been here at this job for 29 years and will retire in 2 and half years. During that time I have seen my complaining irritating supervisor begin to breathe on her own! Most people are just as discontented and unguided as you feel they may be. Your principals and actions can be a starting point for their own spirutal journey. Of course not all will become enlightened, not all will be impressed. Yet no one has the power to influence your well being other than you yourself.

It is as simple as it seems, to take the power of choice and use it. Now it is not always easy for me and I find that there are times I choose to be frustrated. Especially when I am experiencing spiritual growth in a new direction. Ego Self will conjure up major discontent. And all I can do is breathe. Be Still. Be Free. Allow the innerself to fill me with peace.

Walk in Beauty, Hazel

chris knight

17-08-2004 14:55:31

Chris do you look like Nicholas Gage only better?
I've had people say that... 8)

Two weeks ago, I shaved my head for the first time in my 34 year old life. Feels great!... in an odd sort of way.

I figured as long as God had decided to start taking my hair, I was going to help him along and finish the job ahead of schedule.

I've had friends tell me to get a hair transplant and other surgery-type solutions to male pattern baldness. Fortunate for me, I like me just the way I am and enjoy being bald now that I finally have a head tan that matches. I'll post a picture in the coming month as I'm having publicity shots taken for some speaking gigs I want to do.

Perhaps I'll let it grow again after the publicity shots, but all things on purpose and as they are suppose to be, right? D


03-09-2004 23:51:59

You can use Dr Wayne Dyer's inspirational cards from his set titled "Inner Peace" on


There are cards from Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay and Sylvia Browne also.

Nealy everytime I'm on the net I look at this site. It helps me feel peace, calm and grounded.


05-10-2004 22:58:30


Hope you are doing ok. It may help to read "anatomy of an illness" by Norman Cousins. Very inspiring and excellent for pain control.

Best wishes