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Heart Surgery

Del Jackson

07-03-2006 07:46:46

Dr. Dyer; I am a survivor of open heart surgery(1994), stents(2002) and Pacemaker-Defibrulator(2006). I also lost my wife of 55 years (2005). I have been a Christian since 1952. I was blessed to watch your program on PBS. This was the most awesome faith based program that I have ever seen or listened to. I was completly immersed for 4 hours. I pledged the amount for the kit and kiboodle. Your comments revealed that we have some things in common. I was born and raised in Port Huron, Mich and you mentioned Mt. Clemens last night. After I receive the package and digest all of it, I will make further comments. Have a long tenure in your fabulous venture. I will be 76 years young on March 15,2006. My long range goal is my 100th in 2030. God Bless.