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Dr. Dyer I'd like to say...


17-08-2005 15:07:39

Thank you.
When I am feeling sad or worried, falling out of my intention, I put on your cd's and I feel the energy change. I believed in your teachings and have had an amazing recovery from injury and am now using some techniques you suggested to help heal some illness. I left a job where I was not receiving what I needed and have been stating my intention to attract ideal people and situations to me. Even my husband, not a fan of self help etc. is opening up a bit and attracting more of what he hopes for.
ABUNDANCE is present in our lives.

I wish I could send you a photo of a pillow I made. I painted it with the words of the seven faces of intention and added the word joy. I spackled it in all different colored paint and it just has so much love and hope in it, I like it near me when I feel sad. I feel happy when I just look at it .I painted it while my 6 year old and her friend painted their own pillows. It was really fun! It is a physical representation of my intention to heal and always be grateful for the healing I've already received.

I'm glad that you were born of a generous nature. Your gifts are helping me through a time of letting go, releasing feelings and waiting for the new things to start.



02-11-2006 01:10:01

Reading your inspiring Thank You to Dr Dyer
reminded me that I am not alone.
I can relate in so many ways. Its as though you knew exactly what I am going through right now, and reminded me that I will get through this.
In past years, I too, have benefitted from Dyer's wisdom during trying circumstances.
Now, I hope to again find the courage to make the necessary changes for a better life, as you have.
Thank You, Celia, for giving me the inspiration I needed today! )