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A correction


06-08-2005 07:52:09

Hello Wayne and all who read this. Greetings to you. My name is Brendan or musically I am Der Vogelfrei-a Hiphop and techno producer in Spain. The name by the name is another tool in empowerment.. in Hiphop we tend to rename ourselves in a way that charges our spirit. This is why you find names such as so and so the great or grandmaster blah blah or Kool whatever.. My name is from a book "The Gay Science" (Nietsche) and in particular the part which is "songs of Prince Vogelfrei".. it translates to "As free as a bird" and in Germany there is an old traddition of looking upon homeless men.. wanderers.. and wandering spirits as free as a bird.. almost as wandering spirits.. budda like men of old German tradition and so anyway I took the name for myself after the old wanderers who had learned indifference to material wealth.

As I was saying I am a Hiphop producer. I have just listened to your excellent work "It's never crowded along the extra mile" and was uplifted by it greatly. This is why I have bothered to come to this discussion. I loved the parts about energy coming from works of art and from books and music. It is tru as true can be that music holds energy that can uplift you or crush you with it's negativity. You mentioned rap and gangsta rap as an example of low energy negative music. Well OK. I want to paint another picture for you. Hiphop is a giant.. it is a community and has been aware of this negativity of gangsta rap for many years. Thing is the side of Hiphop that is what you might call higher energy is not in the least famous. I just wanted to point you and to all of you in the direction that Hiphop has blossommed. Artists such as KRS-ONE have been going for years and years with their life enhancing message and Hiphop has everything from Temples www.templeofhiphop.org to great books written by people whose energy is at a level worthy of wonderment. This is the good news that the gangsta rap unwittingly brings with it.. Some of those gangsta rappers have flipped over like Darth Vader in reverse and gone over to "The light". Some rap... really Hiphop really is the voice of God... as is poetry... as is art.. as is philosophy and so on. Anyway.. Peace out to all who read this.

And as I always say...
Keep right arrow

And whoever knows me, calls me
The homeless man ...

No one dares to ask
Me where my home is
Perhaps I have never
Been fettered
To space and the flying hours,
Am as free as an eagle! ...


01-09-2005 12:48:27

No reply. Llife is funny. The title of this was wrong from the start. Ah well. Peace again to all of you.