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An Enlightened Look at the War on Terror


01-08-2005 12:54:40

(Revised and edited Friday, August 5, 2005, 125 AM CST) - BLS

Dear Dr. Dyer,

Let me start by saying I do not have emotional feelings of hate for anyone or anything. But this would not stop me from protecting myself, or my loved ones, or my neighbor, if I had to. Most people would agree that if a deadly spider or snake were crawling on them in their bed, they would kill it, rather than to try and trap it and take it outside, where it could possibly find its way in again, take up residence, and multiply.

Yes, it's true that in war, we are dealing with human beings. Nevertheless, although I deeply respect you, Dr. Dyer, you are mistaken in implying that our country's president and government intelligence do not understand terrorists. On the contrary, we DO understand them, which is why it is imperative to fight back. That understanding is the stark reality of life. It isn't pretty, and it doesn't fit in with a flowery philosophy of how we would like things to be. Facts have to be faced. This country has never rashly gone to war. Those who do believe we have, are being deceived by political propaganda. Even though our country isn't perfect, we are still a country of charity, compassion, and high ideals. Out of all the nations in the world, the United States is the most generous. We will stand up to the plate and protect a neighbor, when everyone else wants to turn away and pretend the problem isn't there.

Yet Dr. Dyer, you seem to be concerned that the terrorists have shouted "evil" back at us. Well, they are the ones who attacked us, first. When you have a person who has been programmed since birth, to adhere to a screaming, crazed radical belief system, who is willing to murder people on a global scale simply because they are of a different religion and live free (which is sinful in their eyes), there is no reasoning. You cannot convince terrorists that this country is basically good, when their idea of good is different from ours. You would have to change the very core of their religious belief system. Therefore, they cannot be convinced by reason, that freedom rates higher than a fanatically restrictive world view and lifestyle, because that assertion goes against the grain of their interpreted religious laws.

Kindness will not stop them, either. This is because from their extreme perspective, kindness represents weakness. And weakness represents to them, a character flaw which flaunts the inability to resist sin. In their eyes, it is sin which would result in ultimate destruction of the world. That's the way they think, however inaccurate it might be. This is one of the main reasons they hate modern western civilization, which recognizes that all people are created equal, protects and serves their law-abiding neighbors (regardless of their religion), helps those who can't help themselves, and upholds your freedom to live as you choose, so long as your lifestyle doesn't infringe on the rights of others. Well, this is the exact opposite of what the terrorists believe, which is an extreme, mandatory restriction of personal rights, in an attempt for society as a whole, to achieve freedom from societal sin. It's no wonder that, unlike their more evolved Islamic brothers and sisters, the radicals take certain religious commandments in their Qur'an, literally, that order them to convert all human beings to Islam. And if they refuse, then they must kill them. The Jihad terrorists take it even a step further by simply committing the murder.

It has been popular among anti-American protestors to accuse our political leaders of being terrorists. This is of course, a typical ploy of a simple-minded, desperate opponent. When they don't have a legitimate argument, they parrot you and project back onto you what you've said, along with certain words and phrases that you've used. Basically, they do a copy, convert, and paste job, as a form of fast and easy, defiant expression.

No clear-thinking person in their right mind would actually accept the notion of us as supposedly "evil", as truth. I pity the people who have been duped into believing such nonsense. They are what elite communist leaders refer to as "useful idiots" who are being used to further an underhanded agenda. Once that agenda were to be achieved on a grand scale, politically, those who initially served would ultimately be stripped of their freedoms, along with everyone else... or imprisoned, or put to death.

Believe it or not, there are actually those in America who, for sheer political reasons, have publicly named terrorism a mere "nuisance". For their information, however, there were more people killed in 911 than the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Those "understanding" sympathizers of terrorists are actually labeling MASS MURDERERS as a simple "nuisance". Well, the truth is, terrorists seem only as a nuisance to them, because they were not directly affected. They didn't live in New York City, and didn't suffer a direct blow. They were safe and comfy, living in another part of the country. Unfortunately, they do not have the ability to connect the dots, and cannot see the bigger picture, and the global strategy behind terrorism.

BOTTOM LINE Those of us who are spiritually powerful, and successfully put it to use, have an advantage over the rest of the country and the world. Many of us are able to supernaturally arrange our lives by intention and effect divine protection, without the use of physical force. But most people cannot do this. They are not at that spiritual level of faith. It would take many lifetimes for them to get there, because we are all in different "grades" in the school called Earth. One cannot expect a first grader to be a seventh, nor a seventh grader to be a college graduate. The reality is that there will always be spiritual kindergarten, grade school, college, graduate school, etc. It's also a reality that we must maintain a certain amount of order and discipline in the "school", or else there would be anarchy. Sometimes students might even have to be suspended, depending on the situation, or even expelled, if they pose a danger to the students and faculty. Some students might choose to drop out, all together, and never return to complete the full spectrum of their "education". Those who are so filled with negativity, would eventually digress and fall away into a void of darkness, and render themselves incapable of permanent oneness with our eternal Source.

Based on this spiritual assumption, it is therefore unrealistic to expect our entire country, and the world at large, to be highly evolved all at one time, and refrain from fighting. If we insisted on everyone towing this line without the spiritual power and faith to back it up, this country as we know it, would no longer exist, and the lives of our people would live in perpetual, restricted horror. So for the sake of the whole, sometimes there has to be war.

I am not afraid to think. Most people mistakenly assume that you either have to take everything in the package, or not take the package at all. Well, this couldn't be further from the truth. One must be careful not to throw the baby out with the wash-water. As I read with profound interest and admiration, your wonderful book, "The Power of Intention", I learn to live a better more productive, happy, and successful life. Blessings abound, and my life is unfolding in miraculous ways. Still, in all honesty, I have to admit that there are certain opinions that you express which are unrealistic, and apply to an impossible utopian ideal of everyone being at the same, spiritual level. You believe, as do others who are pacifist, that if everyone just tried, they could stop terrorism by understanding and reasoning with the terrorists, so as to prevent war. That's like a teacher trying to reason with a child in first grade, "If you just tried, Johnny, you could do this college-level homework, without thinking like a first-grader!" It just isn't going to happen. We need to accept this fact, and live in harmony with the knowledge of it, rather than resisting it.

Since this war is motivated by radical, destructive religious views, it is therefore an issue of spiritual evolution, and all attempts at rational negotiation or kindness will serve as no effect.

On the positive side, I do see a solution. I propose that instead of us praying or meditating on there not being war, we should be praying and meditating on solving the problem which led to the REASON for the war, in the first place. We should be targeting our intention toward dissolving the immense hatred and insanity in the hearts and minds of terrorists. I believe that this would make a difference. In the meantime, we as a nation, must do what we must do, even if that means war, until terrorism is at least minimized. The sooner we get together with unified, properly focused intention, the sooner the war will end.

With love and deep respect,
Bobbie L. Schroder