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25-04-2005 10:40:08

Hi, I can't believe that out of 320 views, nobody posted an open letter to Wayne Dyer so let me be the first. I just want to say to him that I Love you very very much and you helped me tremendously to improve my life. I really did change the way I looked at things and the things I looked at changed. Your books and CD's have guided me into a better life. I must admit one of the hardest things for me is to not judge anyone. I notice tho when I do judge, it just doesn't feel good. It's like a blockage of energy. I want to feel good (I WANT TO FEEL GOD), is wonderful advice. Thank you Wayne Dyer for being born in my lifetime. My power of intention is to receive a a personal email back from you. I know your a very busy man, but I have set my Power of Intention out there. Love, Dotti


24-11-2005 11:52:14


From what I know, Dr. Dyer does not use email (or at least does so very rarely). But if you send him a letter, I think there is a chance he will write back to you.

John Sienkiewicz