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remaining positive in a less-than-positive situation


08-09-2004 09:42:25

Over the years I've read LOTS of Wayne's books, and I always end up coming back to them. Most recently, I've been listening to some of Wayne's tapes and CDs, especially each day during my commute to and from work. I'm hoping that this 'saturation,' if you will, will help me to find a more positive place from which to view my world.

I have been in a job for some time now that I find increasingly dissatisfying. I find myself living for 500 p.m., living for the weekends, and at my age, 47, it frustrates me to be wishing my minutes, hours, and days away. I don't believe it's too much to ask for a way to make a living that is joyful, that gives meaning to one's life, that is something we look forward to, something that we really want to spend our time on.

One thing Wayne mentioned on a tape I listened to the other day, was having a sign on his frig saying "I love what I do and I do what I love." It's so hard to imagine saying this to myself everyday when I know that I DON'T love what I do, and I am NOT doing what I love...of course, part of my problem is that I haven't identified what it is that I do love either, so I'm not sure what direction I should go in.

Wayne, if you read this, or any others of you who have undergone this kind of confusion, could you give me some insight into how best to work thru this career/livelihood crisis?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can share on this,


19-09-2004 12:41:39

Dear mm., I am so impressed at how honest you are in writing what you did. A phrase like love your job and the job will love you back may sound removed when the reality could not be more different. The question you had of 'not knowing what you want in the first place' is also very honest. I myself am in a situation where I am married to a loving, warm, true partner husband who respects me and cares for me and who feels I make him complete. (I don't work, so I will just relate to you about my family life). The reason I tell you about my partner is because before I started reading Dr. Dyer's books, I was in a dead-end relationship, much like your job feels like to you. My husband has/had an anger problem where every sense of insecurity, fear, frustration was expressed through a volcanic eruption of anger which, most of the time, was directed to his closest ally - me. Not one to be made a scapegoat for no good reason, I would fight back, and oh the ugly eruptions that ensued! Seeing that anger fueling anger solved nothing and just plain wore me out, I looked for solutions elsewhere. It's funny how you find answers when you're ready to accept them. My biggest question was 'what is the source of his anger, what causes him to hate so? Was it his upbringing? some childhood experience? was his mother sending hateful messages to him all his life? I couldn't understand how everything he touched became so negative. After one of our particularly nasty fights, I made dinner and left the family to go to the bookstore. I wanted to get away from the nagative field my husband was laying out for me. I happen upon Dr. Dyer's book, Spiritual Solutions and opened the book. I happen to open to a page that dealt with hatred. 'A person who hates, feels hated himself. He doesn't feel loved.' I couldn't believe I was reading this. This is the answer I was looking for all these years. The book went on to quote a prayer of St Fransis - Let me be an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.' Needless to say, I tried it on my husband and it worked. It changed my life. My point, I guess, is that whether it's a crummy job or a crummy relationship, shine the light of compassion from our Source, and the job or the relationship changes. In the end it's not the job or the husband that makes a difference, it's your outlook. Get in touch with the Source anyway you can and the world will change. Good luck and god bless.


21-09-2004 20:50:56

Dear Michele,
Fortunately, I do love what I do but it took me many years to figure what was right for me. Wayne's books have helped me over the years and asking the universe for help always works. As Wayne says comtemplate your happiness, then be brave enough to act on the opportunities that will present themselves. Right now I'm reading a book called "What should I do with my life?" by Po Bronson. It is the true story of people who answered this question. It is always interesting knowing the paths that people take for themselves. It is always possible we won't be able to continue doing the same things we love especially as we age but I beleive there is always a solution to every challenge. Stay positive and listen to your inner self. The best to you...Nanc


08-04-2005 06:34:41

I can so relate. After working very hard for years I finally landed my "dream' job. The Dream though was stress filled and disappointing. I just could not figure out how to deal with mean people and my own need to fit in, which is a very normal part of being a human. I had decided to leave this job and began job hunting. I felt conflicted because there are some people at work I care deeply about and the job itself is a job I could loveand indeed used to love in other settings if only I was able to get past the conflicts with others and hurt feelings I had. I decidely definitvely to leave and then at work,I broke my arm. Not only did I break it, I broke it to the point of needing major reconstructive surgery! God heard my wish to leave. I beleive He arranged it for me to leave on a "trial" basis, no pun intended, as I went through the trial of recovery. I am out of my job now three months and this time at home has shown me a lot about myself and my stress.
I used the power of Intention and allowed God to show me some things and help to heal them for me. My boss, whom I had been fighting with,I was able to forgive. I began extending kindness to him and he began sending short kind messages back. I apologised to a few people and a sworn enemy became a friend, which even I have trouble realizing could happen. Now I'm not saying my relationship with all people I found hard to deal with has healed. It hasn't. There will be unpleasantness to come, realistically, unless miracles continue to surprise. But, the name of a good therapist has come to me and I will be getting some help to learn new ways to cope just in case. This is a loving geture to me from me. I realize that if I leave my job, I take my inabilities to cope with me and will recreate the stress someplace else.
I have decided to love my work again as I used to. I have conciously, intentionally decided to be happy, in the face of other's issues and meditate on the faces of the children I work with and the room I have manifested through my desire to be a teacher. I will try to focus on what is good and right in my work as I seek some help to rid myself of patterns that promote what goes wrong.
I hope you get my message. your message helped me to clarify my intentions so thank you.
This intentions is not always automatic to do. Be gentle to yourself. )