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Dream Tones


18-08-2004 17:15:14

Mr Dyer.
I just purchased your audio CDs last week and haven't been able to take them out of my Cd player. I'm not much of a reader so the audio books are perfect.

I found my purpose of writing and arranging original music, mostly in the genre of Rhythm and Blues, Pop and Rap. I have been blessed to create music from just hearing inspirations such as a tones or phrases.

I have had some interesting things happening to me when I go to sleep. Just as I start to slumber, I hear other melodies that I've never created or heard before and I lose them once I try to get up and re-create them. It has to be the best music I've ever heard in my head but it's a struggle to recreate them physically.

I am certain that once I am able to capture these same energies/vibrations while i'm awake, I will have music from deep within my infinite self that anyone will immediately connect to once they hear it.

What suggestions do you have for this interesting situation?