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12-07-2004 22:42:13

My name is Elizabeth and I would like to say THANKYOU to Wayne Dyer, I followed his programme on manifesting and my LIFE has changed and continues to change for the better.
I started in 2001 doing the whole deal in manifesting, surprising my cats and dog with the resonance of the Om and Aah. Keeping in mind all the principles, taking them into my heart and LIVING them has brought rewards that 20 years of being a psychotherapist ( and taking my own medicine) has never done.
Yes, I keep it simple these days and with deep love and gratitude write this today.


19-07-2004 12:48:36

I enjoyed your newest book, "The Power of Intention" very much. It has helped me immensely. Your books have helped me deal with the situations in my life as well. I have had a poem published by "Poetry.com" for my grandson.

I enjoyed seeing you in Atlanta at Unity. I had a seat middle isle, middle row.