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Yvonne asks about Dangers to Meditation...

InspiresYOU.com Team

06-07-2004 11:54:35

To Wayne Dyer,

Do you think that there can be any dangers to meditation? That it's not for everyone? Because I heard years ago that if a person drinks or takes drugs (and not because they're on 'em at the time) that they can go insane. Ever since I heard that there is a fear when I meditate. I started out meditating in the latter 70's and 80's for a while but I only used it to accomplish something till it served it's purpose, but I ended it right when I had a BAD experience. I did feel like I was loosing touch with reality like the floor below me wasn't even stable and I also got this "red-hot burning"in my tailbone and it just freaked me out so I stopped. Now years later after seeing you on TV with the Power of Intention I got inspired and sort of missed meditation believe it or not. But I woke up a few days ago and had that wierd unstable feeling again. I promised I would stop doing Japa (out of fear of course) but then I think maybe it would pass, just being a temporary thing. Could you help me with this dillema? Or give me some assurance or maybe guidance from one of your teachers on the subject. Your urgent response would be welcomed!

Thank You,


19-07-2004 14:31:20


I know you were asking Wayne himself, but I felt compelled to reply to you.

I too, struggled with fear during meditation. I found myself questioning sanity lots of times. I found an answer by asking for clarity and real-world confirmation during the meditation. Throughout my day, an answer would appear through music, art or other people. This comforted me and my fear dissolved over time.

I knew I was not doing anything negative in my life -- much the opposite, so I had faith that everything was OK.

I will say that a person can go "too far" beyond their scope of comfort levels. This means that they continued on with un-addressed fear. The fear MUST be confronted and conquered in your mind very solidly, you must KNOW what you are doing at all times. This heightened level of awareness can be most distressing when done negatively or in fear.

It seems that you allowed another person to dictate your reality. Some part of you really believes this to be true, therefore it comes true.

It's a paradoxical manifestation - which ironically is the same thing that happens when you do it with positive energy. THIS IS EXACTLY what Dr. Dyer is trying to teach everyone. ["If you can see it, you can be it" or however he says it]

Maybe this person was a role model to you at one time or you felt inferior to them. Let me tell you something, NO ONE knows another being's TRUTH. It is different for everyone! You are the ONLY person who knows what you are supposed to be doing in this life, no one else.

In fact, a true Shaman or intelligent spiritual leader will tell you to shun ALL THOUGHT, which means even teachings of religion. This is the only way to find YOUR true path. My truth would be different than yours, maybe similar - but still different.

First, get in touch with YOUR TRUTH - your SELF, then get in touch with others. This includes religious paths, advice or teachings. At least, for me this is what I FOUND TO BE TRUE.

Does this help?

Bright Blessings to you and your fears,