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Gillian Joseph from Vancouver British Columbia on going awry

InspiresYOU.com Team

26-09-2004 17:39:03

From the Legacy Wayne Dyer Digest
From "gillianjoseph" <gillianj@direct.ca>
Subject Hello.
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 190959 -0800

My name is Gillian Joseph and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.I started my spiritual journey about 7 years ago, when I noticed that everything in my life was going awry, and after having a painful break up, I started to examine my life closely, and paying attention to the gentle voices that spoke to me.

Since then I have gone through some ups and downs, but still believed that there was a divine reason for all of this to be happening. Then last year around this time, I experienced a near death experience from having a very bad asthma attack that put me in the hospital for a week. In that week I did allot of thinking, again, and decided that I had to start living life for ME. I had been in a very smothering and overpowering relationship for close to 2 years and the stress of it , plus the stress of my overpowering mother, had caused my health to deteriorate.

But, I allowed it to happen and I learned allot from this tragic event. But I still kept my spiritual search going. Since that big blowout last year, I met a wonderful man who treats me the way that I deserve, I also have discovered some interesting things about myself and the world around me. At present, I am in the process of looking for courses to take to better my spiritual and psychological being so that I too may be a spiritual counsellor, to help others in their quest of self discovery, self-reliance and achieve a higher state of awareness on the spiritual level. I am reading " Your Sacred Self " right now, and feel that I am experiencing a growth/learning spurt.

So that's me in a nutshell. I'm not married, or have kids,but a wonderful dog named " Xena " who has shown me allot of very interesting things about life and myself.


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30-09-2004 14:54:55

Dear Gillian,

Thank you for sharing. You probably like I have been on our spiritual journey since birth! Some of what you mentioned hits very close to home. It has been difficult for me to live for myself, one of those life lessons that has kept coming back till I recognized it. It was not always easy for me to let go of the familiar, but let go I had to, for there is a new world for me to see just around the corner. I should say a new way of looking at my world.

Hoping to hear more from you. Love Hazel


30-09-2004 14:57:11

Sometimes I do not see all that clearly! I see that you posted your message in 2000! Hopefully I will see more posts from you throughout the forums.