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Miguel from Piura, Peru sends greetings to Wayne Dyer fans

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26-09-2004 15:58:19

Miguel from Piura, Peru sends greetings to Wayne Dyer fans
From "Miguel Armando Olaya Pinto"
Subject Una discusión desde PIURA PERU, from PIURA PERU
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2000 0(3659 -1300

Greetings from the distant earth of Piura - Peru
I am an admirer of our friend's books Wayne Dyer
Especially I fascinate and it loves the book that here
in Peru it is called
THE FORCE OF BELIEVING, according to the translation
seems that he calls himself to BELIEVE IT to SEE IT
It is a book that ended up caressing inside my the
influences of positive change,
this book read it in 1998, then I lent it but they
didn't return it to me, then my life changed,
the things that the Dr. Dyer professed in this book
the treatment of putting into practice although with
something of difficulty, because here in Piura - Peru
lives a different mental Unconsciousness but it can
adapt so that the human beings change toward the one
on the way to the perfection.

I would like that the Dr. Dyer reads this e-mail,
desire in my thoughts to know and to have a contact
with the Dr. Dyer, I would like to tell him many
things, although an impediment is the language
because I don't write neither I speak English well, he
would want to have correspondence translated to

Please Dr. Dyer will insist indefatigably on having a
contact with you, now I write in Spanish and I
translate the reading in a computer program
(Globalink) so that they understand me in something,
and I would like this way them to make for the users
of Latin countries as me.

Good friends, I say goodbye and control many greetings
to you and the Dr. Wayne Dyer, for me,
an individual to which yearn to know, for all that
represents for me in the transformation of my
personality, thank you. Good-bye.

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This is a fan discussion board by fans for fans of Dr. Dyer and as such, we are sorry to share that he won't be able to return your email.

Another email received from Miguel
From "Miguel Armando Olaya Pinto"
Subject FROM PIURA Perú - Please attention me
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2001 0'1517 -1300


I wrote them previously insisting so that they give me
information on the Dr. Dyer and I thanked them their
answer e-mail, although a little grieved by what
you/they don't tell me on as contacting me personally
with him, neither neither I have received another
answer e-mail.

This other e-mail please, I insist, take it in a very
personal way, excuse that it is iterative but I am
convinced that my desires to contact me with the Dr.
Dyer are base of my thoughts, those that I want that
they are shown in the form. Him, (Dr. Dyer) he will
know how to understand what I want, and I will
continue insisting, or looking for other roads.

Please, I want that give me information on where I can
send a normal mail by air, or a Fax so that he reads
it personally, or another place where it can contact
me with the security that the Dr. Dyer receives my

It can be of their Office, or of their house, or a
telephone, the Fax, in short.

I have many things that to converse with him with a
lot of urgency, God willing the energy of the universe
is favorable in sincronía to achieve my objective.
I don't dominate the English language and this letter
I have translated it, God willing you can also make it
for the shipment of their answers.

I would like and they would be very but very grateful
if you print him this e-mail and they make it to him
to arrive to the Doctor like he wanted.

I send them my love for you and many greetings from
Piura - Peru. I invite them to also know this
beautiful city.

Until Soon, I wait their prompt answer. Thank you.

TELEPHONE 074-325169


We recommend you contact Wayne's publisher, Hay House, for more information.