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Simon Summers mentions Manifestation problems...

InspiresYOU.com Team

05-09-2004 10:03:18

Simon mentions some issues with manifesting
From "Simon Summers" <simon.summers@euphony.net>
Subject subscribe confirmation
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 131945 +0100


My name is Simon Summers and I wish to confim my wish to subscribe to the list.

I have a copy of the audio version of How To Manfest Your Destiny but so far haven't managed to manifest what I am trying to. Clearly going about it the wrong way?

Simon Summers
Anyone who has insights to offer Simon, please click on POST REPLY and send your thoughts. Thanks!


27-10-2004 18:23:29

I know one statement that really made me stop and think - was in "Wisdom of the Ages" which I own and have read over several times. Wayne said he sometimes hears from those who haven't yet gotton what they desired and he asks "What is it that you have not been willing to do?" Think about it. Perhaps that will give you some insight. )