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28 year old miserable woman in Florida writes...

InspiresYOU.com Team

05-09-2004 09:49:44

Giselle writes
From SoBeGigi
Date Sun, 9 Sep 2001 230752 EDT
Subject help!!!!!!!!!

hello everyone,

my name is giselle, i am a 28 year old miserable woman. i live in florida, am totally disgusted with my job and have almost no hope for the future. it seems that no matter what i do, i am always broke and unhappy. i am healthy, attractive and smart, but god, I am so unhappy its sickening.
i recently picked up the bbok entitled "manifest your destiny" by wyne

great book, but this is my problem i want to manifest wealth in my life,
financial wealth. when i meditate i figure that the only way tht i can become
rich is through the lottery or something, yet he writes in his book that what
you really want is a feling of security, blessedness and a feeling of being
ecstatic.... so what do i meditate on, those feelings? or the way of me
getting those feelings to become a reality? i.e. the lottery? am i making it
too narrow by giving it a one way to come to be?

He says to imagine your desires in great detail but if i imagine it in detail
i think of winning the lottery...is that wrong? what should i do?please send
your advice, i am freaking out!!!
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MODERATORS COMMENT I wonder how Giselle feels a few days after she wrote this email originally...considering it was written a few days before the 9/11 tradgedy.