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Joe Kennedy - Wayne's Personal Encouragement...

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31-07-2004 21:00:17

From the Legacy Wayne Dyer Digest List
From "Organic Avenger"
Subject Wayne's Personal Encouragement For Me
Date Tue, 5 Oct 1999 091251 -0700
Organization AmericanKelp.com

Please see the attached letter that Wayne wrote me over 4 years ago and compare it to the one that Brian Tracy wrote. No comparison - who is self actualized? No question.

Thanks Wayne - I have been given a different path, but your encouragement has help me many times along the way. PEACE & FREEDOM FOR ALL!

Joe Kennedy

If you'd like to read the Dec 1995 letter that Wayne Dyer sent to Joe , click here (270kb). If you are having a difficult time reading it, try clicking on the bottom right corner as the image will expand or shrink based on clicking on the bottom right floating JPG box.

Unfortunately, the Brian Tracy letter is lost or missing. Sorry.