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Judy - Sacred Self - The Awakened Life - Manifest Destiny

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19-07-2004 22:50:48

From Autumnblazemapl (Judy S.)
Date Thu, 3 Jan 2002 102313 -0600 (CST)
Subject Joining Wayne Dyers discussion list

I guess this is where I am suppose to introduce myself. My name is Judy
and I have just recently been reading Dr. Dyers book The Sacred Self and
listened to The Awakened Life and Manifesting Your Own Destiny. I
believe this is helping me. I like what he is saying and love reading
and listening to his work, it's never a chore to do but a pleasure and
right now I am pulled to hear more. So I hope to get on to the
discussion list to just read for now. I am 47, a mother of four children
of which two are still in high school, one in college and one married
and out on his own with a beautiful wife and child. This is as much as
I would like to say for now. Hope to hear from you regarding this.
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28-07-2004 12:00:55

Welcome to our discussion Judy! It's nice to meet you and I wish you continued grace and support in your pursuit of self-knowledge.

What is your all-time favorite color? Do you follow any particular religious faith or philosophy?

Bright Blessings,