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Helena Czarniecki - Miami FL - Wisdom of the Ages - Polish

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19-07-2004 22:42:06

From "Helena Czarniecki"
Subject Hello from Miami, FL, 11/9/00
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 130754 -0500

I've been listening to Wayne Dyer's audio tape called Wisdom of the Ages, and there are pearls in it, and I keep listening to the pearls and applying the pearls and thinking how it manifests in my own life and experiences.

I am a Polish-German female, age 52, a Senior Federal Investigator of Employment Discrimination for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 11 years. Prior to that I was a legal secretary for Social Security Office of Hearings and Appeals and the U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of Florida. I am not married, have never married, and have no children. I live in a condo, two story, unit in a small community with a lot of mature trees, in a suburban area, with a lot of good restaurants, universities, pools, gardens, libraries, book stores. I have a computer, a Toyota Corolla, and a mature gray tabby cat named Manfred. I have a large library that I can no longer contain in this condo, and feel I should buy a slightly bigger home. I need a couple more bedrooms, one for a library and one for an office and one guest room. I live alone and have always done so. I just ended a relationship with the love of my life. It hurts.

One of the last e-mails I sent to my love was the Poison Tree poem by William Blake. Curiously I don't want to cry and I'm not mad at him. I just want him to be happy. Detachment is very difficult.

I will continue to pour over the pearls of Mr. Dyer, both in book form and audio tape form.

We all lead such busy lives, its great to have someone synthesize the wisdom of the ages. I hope he keeps doing these collections, they are good for me. Whatever, he comes up with will be very welcome. I have a lot of his books, but haven't read them all. Audio tape is better for me. I just discovered this forum. I used to listen to a lot of music. I need a message now.
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