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Brian Larson comments on Conversations with God trilogy

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19-07-2004 22:39:12

Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 000725 -0600
From "brian.larson"

I'd like to introduce myself, I am fairly new to Wayne Dyer and his material but have found them very enlightening or should I say "Remembering"

I was raised in the "normal" Christian home with a fairly strong religious belief. Upon completing my last year of college, now going on three years ago, I had to take a graduate course with a more philosophical base than any course that I had taken. That course was a pivotal point in my life. It was the first time that I had ever questioned my religion's teaching, my beliefs, my faith.

No longer could I drive home through a snow storm without fear of death with the comfort of the Lord in my car.

I went through that first year out of college living a Hell. The Hell of not believing in God -period.

1 year later, while on a weekend visit to San Fran for a Football game, I was going through the Airport on the way home and stopped in a little magazine shop. Truthfully speaking, I was comparing the smut that was able to be sold out in the big city compared with that of a little small town WI. Truly, I had no intention of buying a book. In fact, I had never really read a whole book in my life, yes high school and college. For some reason, on that day, without realizing, I reached into my pocket and paid $30 for a book.

That book, the first book I have ever read, Conversations With God 1, led me to the CWG trilogy as well as all of NDW's books, and now has led me to Dr. Wayne Dyer.
That year, being apart from God, truly was the ultimate hell, but it also was the catalyst in my "Re-membering" that I am and all of us are, a part of God!

I look forward to experiencing us!
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