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Juan Alvin Tiamson - Philippines - internal peace happiness

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19-07-2004 22:30:25

Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 024924 -0800 (PST)
From JUAN TIAMSON <alvinjosie@yahoo.com>
Subject Introduction

Dear List
I am Juan Alvin Tiamson from the Philippines.
I subscribed to List because I also want
to share the wonderful personal experiences I've
had with the writings/teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer.
I have already read three books he had written
(including Manifest Your Destiny) and I'm proud to
say that following the steps he had given, a major
transformation is going on in my life. And it's not
really in terms of financial progress (although
there is) but more in the internal peace and harmony
that I am learning to develop. Its more on enjoying
life through service to others. I hope that I can
contribute some personal experiences/ thoughts on
some subjects.

Right now, I'm thinking of translating portions
of his work in the Filipino language, so that many
of my brothers who are in this land can get some
of Dr. Dyer's teaching. As a part time writer, I
I can help in this aspect. I'm just wondering where
I could get the permission to do so. Do I have to
write personally to Dr. Dyer? Or to the publishing

Regards to All of You. My brothers and sisters
on other parts of Mother Earth.

Mabuhay kayong lahat.

If you know of some way to help Alvin, please click on "POST REPLY" and give him your thoughts.

Editors note Alvin; Perhaps you may want to contact HayHouse, Dr. Dyer's current publisher. They may be able to address your question best.