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The Present Eternity Poem By Joseph S. Murawski, CPC

InspiresYOU.com Team

19-07-2004 22:25:57

From "Joseph S. Murawski, CPC"
Subject The Present Eternity
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 170408 -0400


Released from bonds of Time & Space,
Letting go of the Past to know Our Place,
Present Eternally in Love's Embrace

Now has come Salvation,
Our Wholeness is revealed
As we transcend the Linear Plane,
to Know that We ARE Healed

Our Experience of Reality,
the Future cannot withhold
In Expression of the Union of Heaven IN Earth,
the Kingdom shall Unfold

Discovering Our True Existence,
In a Realm not of this Age
The LIGHT of that Day in which We Dwell,
Dissolves Our human cage

"A Child of Light,
No Darkness in Thee,
Clothed in the Essence of True Purity
As You Extend LOVE,
Creation's set Free

Create, Heal & Restore,
That's what the Power you possess is for
Loose your Brothers from every Chain,
Of Fear & Doubt & Guilt & Pain

As you See Clearly Yourself in Them,
No longer in Judgement will you Condemn
For when your Perception is Darkness & Hate,
It's your Own Prison you Perpetuate

As a Life Giving Spirit,
You make Wars to Cease
There's No Darkness within,
while Abiding in Peace"

Deity Incarnate,
God has come to Dwell,
Consuming ALL Illusiions,
Of Satan, Death & Hell

No longer do We question,
His Will is Ours,
Eternal Purpose to Fulfill
We Know His Mind,
We Hear His Voice,
Whispering "Be Still"