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Susan Bolstad from Norway asks about manifesting and balance

InspiresYOU.com Team

12-07-2004 21:52:33

From "susan bolstad"
Subject susan in Norway
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 122213 +0200


A little about myself. I am a near 39 year old American woman, living in Norway (for 15 years) with 2 school age children. I am educated in Textiles and do alot of crafts, using my creativity. I ended up marrying my penpal, which is how I landed across the Atlantic. In the last 3 years my sister (then 31) came down with breast cancer, followed by our aunt, then myself. It was after my mastectomy, but before I knew I would need long aftertreatment, that a Croatian girlfriend of mine gave me Wayne Dyer's Real Magic, translated to norwegian. I fondly refer to it as my bible. It stands on my mantle at all times in between readings. I have underlined, and reread it, to let the information sink in. I have passed my enthusiasm onto a number of girlfriends and an old school boyfriend, who I think would be receptive to Wayne's message as well as those who need it in their lives.

I've had a number of AHA experiences after reading his chapters-I understand when he writes that the contents of the book aren't really his, but came to him from another source. It seems like some fundamental higher truth to me.

One thing that I have been pondering for a longer period of time, is how Wayne Dyer would find the balance between wanting something badly and working hard for it, vs. meditating on it and letting it come in its own time, without straining oneself. I am a bit unsure about this-what do you think?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Susan Cohen Bolstad
Lier, Norway

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