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Teresa Dunn asks for clarification on Manifest Your Destiny

InspiresYOU.com Team

09-07-2004 21:54:53

From "Teresa Dunn"
Subject Manifest Your Destiny
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2000 164202

I have been reading Wayne's books and listening to his tapes for about 15 years.

I just began reading Manifest Your Destiny. As usual, this is an excellent book. I have to read it with a dictionary because although I thought I knew the meaning to many of the words that he uses, my definition of the words did not make sense with the context of the sentence.

About 1/3 way through the book and I still can't quite understand his definition of Manifest. But I will stick with this book and begin to apply these principles to my life because they make sense to me. Wayne is right on with this book and I am very appreciative that has been willing to share his knowlegde with the world.


If anyone can help or give Teri some insights to her questions, that would be super! Click on "POST REPLY" and send your comments.


16-07-2004 11:11:15

I don't understand your confusion here with the term? Or is it the principles for achieving a MANIFESTATION OF YOUR DESIRES. That's what he is talking about. By following the principles that he lays out quite clearly anyone can achieve their heart's desire. In otherwords live the kind of life that you've previously only dreamt of. HOW? By following your bliss. Doing what you love and loving what you do. Nonattachment, realizing your true purpose, giving away to others what you want for yourself. Being patient, kind generous, having intention, lacking doubt...etc.