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09-07-2004 21:08:45

From Tinachambr
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 151504 EST
Subject Intro

Hi everyone, I loved a lot of what Wayne said in Manifesting...

My step mother would love to hear Wayne in person, so that prompted me to join this list.

My commitment in life is to have health for people and animals and the planet herself. I do this through The Hunger Project ( www.thp.org , find "Senegal trip 2000 July" and find pictures of our trip including my 13 year old's picture as she read her poem at our last dinner. the poem is also printed there.).

I am a homeopathic veterinarian and teach classes all over the country to get people thinking about how to attain real health for their
animals and themselves.

In joy and kinship,

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Here is a link to the photo essay

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