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Todd and Dori Norrish ask about Christian Faith vs. Dyer

InspiresYOU.com Team

09-07-2004 21:04:33

From "Todd and Dori Norrish"
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 111517 -0800

Hi All,

My name is Todd Norrish and have recently viewed a Wayne Dyer seminar on Public TV. I was riveted to my set. He is very captivating. I do have a question however. I am a Christian by faith and have no desire to abandon my faith. One of the reasons I was able to keep Wayne tuned in is because in his presentation, it appeared that Wayne is a Christian man himself. I like what I heard from Wayne and would like to incorporate some of his teachings into my life as long as it does not interfere in anyway with the teachings of Christ. It would help me to know whether my suspicions of Wayne being a Christian are correct or not. Can anyone help in this matter.

Sincerely Todd Norrish
Camas, WA.

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27-07-2004 10:19:48

Christian is a term that is bounced about a lot in our world. What does it mean to you? Does being Christian mean that you believe in God and that you love all others? Does being Christian mean that you have to belong to one of the many religions of this world?

Namaste - Ron