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Brian Muskett has 3 Q's - Meditation and on Manifesting

InspiresYOU.com Team

05-07-2004 14:50:20

From "Brian Muskett"
Subject The Secrets To Manifesting Your Destiny
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 013157 +0100


A brief background of myself.... My name is Brian Muskett and I live in England. I am 40 years old, divorced, single, and have 3 beautiful children and I live with my Mother, (due to financial constraints). I work as an electrician.

I recently received the above tape set from Nightingale Conant and I think, "this is it" !! As somebody put it, "when the student is ready - the teacher appears". That sums it up perfectly ! I honestly don't think it is any 'accident' why I am at this stage, I think I am being guided and taught. I assume it is a sequential process for me personally !

Anyway, I am continuing to review the tapes and am attempting to incorporate the principles as best I can, as suggested by Dr. Dyer, although I already do a fair bit of it now. Obviously this is a huge learning curve and I have some questions that I would like answering one way or the other. Perhaps your goodself or one of your contacts would be kind enough to assist me ?

1. As I live with my mother I can only perform the meditations very quietly, (almost silent). Does this make it less
effective bearing in mind the principle of vibration, and what about when I am with my children when they stay at weekends ?

2. As I work shifts, 6am-2pm one week, 2pm-10pm the next week and 10pm-6am the following week, (constantly
rotating), I can't always do the morning meditation at sunrise and the evening meditation before retiring. Also when I
eventually do find a nice girlfriend she may think I am rather strange doing the meditations, especially when perhaps she has
other things in mind,(without going into detail) . How critical is the timing and should I tell her what I am doing bearing in mind I
should keep it secret ? (she will probably be curious).

3. I am confused about how I manifest what I desire by pure feeling/emotion alone - without thinking about the physical
outcome, whether it happens or not. I wonder what feeling that lady thought about during her meditations, (who manifested that
bookstore that she always wanted).

I am sure you understand that us beginners need some further guidance, (as you perhaps did ?), and I fully understand the need you feel to give something back via this discussion group. I thank you for that.

Best regards,


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