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Ali Oskoonejad - Iran-Tehran - I Love Freedom, don't have it

InspiresYOU.com Team

05-07-2004 13:21:07

From "ali oskoonejad"
Subject ali from iran
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 144506 +0330


I am ali (youngman) from iran-tehran.my age is 20years old.i read your book(you will see it when you beiliveit).you are the bigest man for me! I love you and your books.I will read another books.we need you,you are good man.live in iran is very difficult beacuse we have not freedom! your books is very useful for me and people in iran. I love freedom. my goal is freedom and I continue my goal.I study in university. please connect me ... fax0098218771328 please answer my letter.thanks goodbye.

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05-07-2004 17:01:18

Hello Ali*

My name is James* I live in Philadelphia in the US. You'll see it when you believe it was the first book that I read also. I am 26 and am returning to Penn State University in the fall to finish a degree in Music/ English and Music Composition.

I agree that Wayne is a great guy. He has inspired lots of people far and wide as you know. I think the most important thing that Dr. Dyer's message carries is that we all have this ability. That we all have this power to do anything we want to do. To be all that we can possibly be.

Believing in yourself is first and foremost. After that, anything is possible.

Goodluck with your studies Ali. I am sure you will go very far!




07-07-2004 09:11:42

Hi Ali,
I'm Parisa and as you may guess,an iranian, like you. and also have read some of Dr. Dyer's books and very interested in his thoughts and ideas. I've inspired from his thoughts in many of my difficult times wether in Iran or canada.I've immigrated to canada 2 years ago. As an iranian who lived 30 years in iran, studied, worked, lived,... I understand exactly what you say. these were the reasons that my husband and I decided to immigrate. But now I want to share my experience with you after living outside of iran. When we had our child, we decided to immigrate, because of her and her future. I was worry for her and thought that in canada and other countries, Life is so easy and I can leave her to a complete and perfect system in society that leads her to right way. But that was wrong. Here there is kind of freedom(not 100% as you think. But there are so many othere problems that we don't have in Iran neither. I don't want to go in detail but what I wanna say is, wherever you are, has some good things and some bad things. and it's up to us to how we deal with them and how to look at it. we are the people who have to build our life no society and country or rule or religion can do it for us. Even in Iran we can live happily.
When we accept the place we are and know that that's the place where we have chance to grow, then ways to make it better come immedaitely in front of us.
Any way, I wish the best for you in your study and life. whereever it is.