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Joey Majewski writes on - A Meaning of Life -

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05-07-2004 12:32:20

Date Thu, 7 Dec 2000 225935 -0800 (PST)
From Joey Majewski
Subject A Meaning of Life

A Meaning of Life

Friction is the resistance of ones natural course.

Uncomfort is friction.

We matter and spiritual essence are one God.

Eternal patience produces immediate results in every
moment of every day in time.

In my part of God and everything within the God...
play complete in process of childlike perfection.

All uncomfort in one part stems from alienation of thy
parts mind in necessary steps given to accomplishment
of such a destination.

Friction comes not from circumstance but from the
parts denial of the circumstances necessity in
completion of Gods perfect purpose.

Gods destiny is heaven.

Let go... and I too, like you, will be heaven soon.


-Appreciate diversity and enjoy the process. Even
when it's cold outside!