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Heidi Colonna met Wayne Dyer in 1997 Chicago

InspiresYOU.com Team

05-07-2004 12:07:35

From "Colonna, Heidi"
Subject I'm a newbie to this list, but not to Wayne Dyer.
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 103837 -0600


I was first introduced to WD's writings in the mid 1980's. I lived and
breathed his philosophies 24/7, meaning I read all his books, several of
them many times over or certain sections that applied to me at the time.
With this, now instilled in my attitude, I have soared, personally and
professionally, and I have turned many others on the WD.

I had the opportunity to meet him back in the summer of 1997 when he was
speaking in Chicago. I had him sign my "What Do You Really Want for Your
Children book" and informed him that I had just found out that I was
pregnant with twins. I'll never forget this, he cupped his had on my stomach
and gave me and the babies well wishes. My sister was with me and she was in
awe that I met him, had him autograph my book and got such warmth from him.

Heidi S. Colonna
Technical Writer
Zebra Technologies Corporation
333 Corporate Woods Parkway
Vernon Hills, IL 60061.3109