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Randy Lennon (45) entrepreneur on surrendering

InspiresYOU.com Team

04-07-2004 14:11:03

Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 165312 -0800
From Julie Lennon
Subject FW Introducing Randy Lennon

Hi Gang! I am a 45 year old entrepreneur with a background in music,
television, politics and most recently radio as a talk show host. I was
drawn to Wayne's "Your Sacred Self" on a ferry ride between Vancouver and
Sidney BC where my 12 year old son lives. From the time he first moved
there at the age of 5 until just last year when he became old enough to
travel on his own, I made dozens of trips back and forth each year with him
to accommodate his visits to our home. On one trip returning by myself, I
was drawn to the ship store and walked directly to Wayne's book and began
reading. This was about 5 years ago and Wayne Dyer has been my constant
companion ever since.

Monday evening I experienced a rather bad bout of doubt, at a crucial
turning point for my family (which now includes a new wife and two young
treasures aged 2 and 4). My wife, who has always, since I've known her
anyway, lived as a spirit enjoying a human experience, tried to help me by
reminding me that everything was going to work out and not to verbalize my
doubts, so as not to give them even more destructive power. 10 years of
introspection and work on myself had me appreciating what she was saying,
knowing she was right, but somehow I was struggling, battling with my
negative thoughts. Until I suddenly realized and blurted out, "I will go
read my book now." I went off by myself, re-read for perhaps the 5th time,
the first chapter of Manifest Your Destiny, and got so much more from it
than ever before. The phone rang, and my business contact in The
Philippines who I had been unable to reach all day was suddenly on the line,
coming through for my business and my family.

The next morning, October 30, 2001 (my middle son's 4rth birthday) I went
for my usual run. However, it was anything but usual. I found my purpose,
and began repeating a mantra, to myself at first and then out loud many
times "I surrender my self to service!" I asked God to give me the
strength to run up a hill I normally rest and walk up in the middle of my
regular route. I asked God to allow me to run effortlessly up the hill, as
a metaphor for how my life will now proceed as I surrender my self to
service. I ran up the hill (not that effortlessly, but it was not a
struggle). I then continued the mantra aloud for the rest of the run as
well as sending thoughts of thanks for individuals (20 or 30 of them) who
came to mind who have been in my life during this transformation. Wayne
Dyer was one of them.

I now know all that I want and need, including the money that my family
needs from two deals that have dragged on far beyond any date I could have
imagined, will now flow to me. I have surrendered myself to service, and
have begun asking the question "How may I serve" as I interact with every
human being I am in contact with (including whomever might be reading this
e-mail). This service has begun with my wife, my children, and has and will
continue with absolutely everyone I am in any kind of contact with, no
matter how fleeting.

It has all come together for me, and I feel the fresh winds of change
shifting my world toward success and abundance, peace and love. This has
been a long and at times painful process, which of course I know is also
just beginning. I want to share the letter to my self that I scribbled
quickly within a two minute time limit just over a year ago as part of a
workshop where I met my now close friend and business partner, Dennis.
Perhaps there is something for you in this letter as well


Don't be so hard on yourself. Lighten up. Smile. Life is a barrel of
laughs - enjoy it. Inform your face. Take a break, take a rest. You're a
hell of a guy, you have a lot to offer - don't take the easy route. Be WITH
those around you. You are here to serve. Bliss lies in service. Bliss
lies in contribution to others. You have the capacity and the strength to
light people up. Do so! You're okay.

Cheers to all.