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Vijaya Sambandam writes about "divine energy flowing...

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04-07-2004 13:30:18

From "vijaya sambandam"
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 003454 GMT

My name is vijaya.I live in Birmingham ,AL.I am From India & have lived in USA for 12yrs.I am a Researcher by Profeesion.I have read several of DR DYers books.I have read Real Magic 5 times!!!!.Each time I read I had different reaction.The Last time I read the book I said to myself Yes..Yes..Yes...I have experenced so many Magic moments in my life .Every moment of my life I caan feel the divine energy flowing through me.I have experienced Satori...the great Awakening.I feel so calm in the depth of my heart.I do my part of my life hand over the file to the divine intelligence & forget it & experence the REAL MAGIC happening in my life!!!!