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Virginia Lathan writes I'm a Star Trek Fan :-)

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04-07-2004 13:22:51

From "Virginia Lathan"
Subject About me, in a nutshell!
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 203309 PST

Thanks for your allowing me to participate.

My name is Virginia, and I've studied a fair number of Wayne Dyer's teachings through his books and audio and video tapes. He impresses me.

I'm female. I like to write--fiction, nonfiction, and inspirational--but I don't do it nearly enough. I'm a "Star Trek" fan. I like it mainly because it often deals with having to make choices based on a higher consciousness. And I like it also because of the acceptance and respect for all the different lifeforms, no matter how weird they look or how atypical their beliefs are. I also watch the "Today" show because it introduces me to many practical living skills in an easy-to-grasp way. It also keeps me informed, news-wise, just enough to be aware of the world's issues and delights, but it's not so heavy that I'm overly burdended by all the things that need fixing. I embrace its simplicity. Probably my greatest asset is that I'm balanced in many key areas of my life and my thoughts. My greatest flaw is that oftentimes I'm too literal. My spiritual roots lie in Christianity.

Since then, I've studied--intently--taoism, one tenet of budhisim, tai chi, mysticism, zen, African principles, and consciousness in general. My lastest endeaver is learning to read zen tarot cards. I'm gentle but can be forceful if needed. I also tend to be playful and am rather smart. The smartness is probably an inate ability that's greatly enhanced by my hightened awareness. In fact, I haven't acquied any higher degrees. My formal educational training took me into court reporting. However, after reporting for about 15 years, I stopped last year. But I guess when I did it, it was constantly adding to my repitoire of knowledge because just the process of doing it steadily allowed many thoughts, words, scenarios, etc. to enter my mind in a conscious (and subconscious) way. I love gardening because of the serenity I feel when doing it. There's a lot more to me, but it would take a long time to write. Hopefully this is adequate.

How do I find the discussions? When I visited the website, I wasn't able to click into any threads?

Again, thanks for including me.