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William Dickson writes "squeeze my orange anger comes..

InspiresYOU.com Team

04-07-2004 12:52:53

From "William Dickson"
Subject anger
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 124902 -0500

What do I do If when I squeeze my orange anger comes out .
How do you go about finding the source of the anger and getting
rid of it.....


05-07-2004 14:55:18

William - two alternatives that come to mind - first sqeeze another orange and another and another until the anger no longer drips - or stopping squeezing the orange and ask yourself why you are not seeing orange juice instead. Anger is a fear that you hold about something that probably happened to you a very long time ago, although you may think it was something someone said to you yesterday. Anger is taught us by those around us as a child - it is not an inherited quality or a uniquiness to special people. Look at the wording first of all as you relate to anger - squeezing the orange and anger comes out. Are you possibly trying to squeeze your life until something else flows? Are you holding onto something so tight - a grip on the past - that you are squeezing yourself? As Wayne suggests - settle yourself down - without oranges - and get quiet and simply listen to what you want to know - you are angry, why? What is it that you believe you must grip so tightly? Are you trying to hold onto to someone else perhaps? Just listen and stay with yourself in the silence of your soul. What are you are doing is "soul-searching" - searching for the answer that you already know but have denied up to this point. Now remember, you are alone here with your thoughts - if you feel like crying - cry - and visualize what you have been holding onto as flowing with your tears of fear - and soon those tears will become tears of joy - of relief - of happiness. And the next time you squeeze an orange, look at the orange juice flowing from it - just like the love within you flowing to others.

Namaste - Ron


10-07-2004 19:51:15

I would love to hear a reply on this from someone as well. roll


10-07-2004 19:52:42

Sorry- I did not see the first reply. Thank you D

chris knight

11-07-2004 07:01:46

William said, "What do I do If when I squeeze my orange anger comes out."

Perhaps you could go and buy some "happier" oranges. I've often found the oranges from Wal Mart are angrier than the ones from the locally-owned grocery stores. wink

Seriously; I would recommend that you consider your identity for a moment. Do you want to be defined by anger or love? Love is the best anger killer than I know of. If you adopt a new version of self by acknowleding that at your essence; you are love -- that will become all that you have to give away.

Obviously a pattern of years or decades of responding to life with anger will make adoption of new behavior difficult -- but it's a price worth fighting for -- or in Dyerism, to "allow" love to simply "be." Anger has no real value for your life if it becomes "all consuming," there it can be as simple as making a decision and holding yourself to your new identity.

Lastly, if you can't solve your own anger issues -- Why not start with making a decision to never respond to others in anger! Raise your standards to acknowledge that you will only respond in love or kindess when others send you their anger. It's a great place to start.